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Not only results should encourage us, but the pleasure you get from betting live your favorite player in your passion sport always makes the difference. Comparing to roulette and other casino games, sports betting is more natural and also offers another way of relaxation.
It is known for years that involving more passion offers more results from your gig, but anyway, sports history has always been a great help for many powerful bettors and also for myself.

Best betting sites for United States

The major online bookmakers offer bonuses anytime when a new account is opened.
Depending on the deposit, you can get matched free bet up to a value level set by any sportsbook’s deal.
Generally speaking, the company offers include a technical side and a commercial one.

Top 3 betting sites for the US gamblers:

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2. BetOnline – 50 % Bonus – up to 1000 $ extra on any deposit

3. TopBet – 50 % Deposit Bonus

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Players from Europe can always enjoy the finest betting offers in their continent.

The technical component regards the applications developed by the bookmakers and it refers at many aspects such us:

• how many types of devices could they cover (computer, mobile, tablets, etc )
• how diversified is the game
• the sports range covered by their services
• the number of different services covered (live betting, casino, games, statistics, financial)
• site presentation

The last one mentioned (site presentation) regards both betting offer components because it is a technical element but has a great commercial impact being the bookmaker welcoming for any potential client.

The commercial aspects complete the offers as regard:

• registration conditions
• the registration guide
• the minimum level for registration
• policy of granting bonuses

Anyway, when you study the sportsbook deals, don’t forget to know their rules in order to have them in view before take a final decision. Also it is indicated to have a look in their betting guide especially if you are a beginner.
If you already decided to a bookmaker, do not place you bet before have studied all their variants offered, in order to get the most appropriate for you.
For example, if you want to place a live betting it is recommended to make a simple prediction. Also, have in view that not all the dedicated websites include this type of bet in their services.
Three main types of bets that can be found in both online and offline: direct, handicap and total.
Direct betting suppose to choose the winner or the draw in a regular time specified for any sportsbook.
Handicap type gives an advantage to the competitor that they consider to be in disadvantage in order to balance the process.
Total betting asks to indicate the total number of points scored in the regular time of the event.
The above mentioned are only few aspects that you can find in an online deal.

Read some interesting facts about the legality of sports betting in the United States of America.


How to Bet Lacrosse?

Lacrosse matchLacrosse is steadily gaining fame across the continents. A game that originated from North America, it has been embraced by many people especially from America, Europe, Canada and Australia. History has it that it was born of the Indians from North America, given a name by the French and finally adapted and raised by the Canadians. The modern version of it has got the US and British Commonwealth enjoying every minute of it. Currently, there is a professional Lacrosse league in the US even though it is not a major sport like hockey or other indoor games. Most colleges and other institutions have also got league games featuring lacrosse.

From the steady rise into popularity of Lacrosse, gamblers have got the opportunity to place bets on the game. You can either bet on the numerous lacrosse events or bet on one of the major leagues of the game. Lacrosse is one very interesting game for gambling as many people have discovered. In case you wish to bet on the game, you may wager on a given spread. After working out the total scores, the winner is determined. There are certain circumstances where sports books may differ on the types of bets offered. Some of them may make available many different types of wagers while others may choose to cover only the basic bets.

Just like all the other games where people lay bets, lacrosse is no different. This is how to bet lacrosse;

- Choose a betting site for lacrosse.
– Find out the types of bets on offer.
– Give the name of the event.
– Give the unit and amount of your bet.
– Give the type of wager.
– Check out the ticket properly before leaving the ticket counter or signing off.

One can bet lacrosse on a number of competitions. In case you are wondering where to bet lacrosse in the biggest competitions, here they are;

1- The World Championship- This event is organized to determine the best team in the world. Originally, it was played by four teams.. Currently however, it has grown to encompass a number of teams from around the world. At the same time, more countries are seeking to be part of the championship. The event is sanctioned by the FIL or Federation of International Lacrosse.

2- The World Indoor Lacrosse- This event is sponsored by the FIL and has only eight teams.

3- The European Lacrosse Championship- This event is sponsored by the ELF or European Lacrosse Federation. The event features both men and women championships.

4- The National Lacrosse League- This is a Canadian league that features eleven teams.
Slowly by slowly, more countries will join lacrosse events. When this happens, more bets will be placed on these championships. As always, winning the bets is very exciting. Of course some quarters perceive lacrosse as a rather violent game due to injuries that have been attributed to it. This has however not dampened the spirit of players who enjoy the game as well as people who place bets on it.

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Ever thought of betting The Women Football Championship?

The women’s association football has a long history dating according to the historical evidences since Han Dynasty (25 – 220 CE).

As regards more recent times there are few registrations proving the interest in this sport:

- in early 1790’s there war reports regarding an annual women football match played in Scotland,
1892 –Scottish Football Association in Glasgow registered first women match
1895 – a women football competition is mentioned for the first time in England.
In spite of all evidence about women football existence and continuity, only in 1991 was the first Women World Championship.
It had to go sixty-one years from the first men edition, in 1930, up to João Havelange initiative to found this prestigious international competition.
The participants are women national football teams of countries members of Federation International of Football Association (FIFA), as a global leading body.

The current format of the competition includes:

- Qualifications stage that runs three years in order to select the fifteen national teams that together with the host country will make the lot of 16 teams for final tournament.
– The final tournament, every four years, for deciding the World Champion that lasts three weeks.
As for men competitions, the host of final tournament changes and it is decided four years before.
First final tournament took place in 1991 in China and the final was disputed by USA and Norway teams.
Winning the match (2-1), the USA team became the first women football World Champion in the history.

Since this historical moment, six other editions took place as follows:

-Host country – Sweden
-Number of participants: 12 teams
-Winner – Norway
-Runner up – Germany
-Host country – USA
-Number of participants: 16 teams
-Winner – USA
-Runner up – China

This edition was colored by a funny episode of the final. After scoring the fifth kick of penalty shootout and made the USA the World Champion, Brandi Chastain took off her jersey, falling in her knees only in a sport bra. She celebrated the victory in the same way as usually the men done but automatically got a yellow card for her gesture.

-Host country – USA
-Number of participants: 16
-Winner – Germany
-Runner up – Sweden.

This edition was planned to take place in China but because of a viral respiratory disease (SARS), it has been moved in USA, China keeping its hosting right for the next edition.

-Host country – China
-Number of participants: 16
-Winner – Germany
-Runner up – Brazil

-Host country – Germany
-Number of participants: 16
-Winner – Japan
-Runner up – USA.

As a summary: the most awarded teams are the USA and the Germany ones with two world titles each, followed by Norway and Japan with one tile each of them. Incredible betting offers await you for the next years finals.

Are you sure you know to get the best betting forecasts for football?

Football is, no doubt, the most popular sport in the world whose principle did never change.
The game purpose is to score more than your opponent.

But the way to achieve this aim changed because rules changed and tactical approaches led to the game changes along the years.
In 1870’s England, considered the pioneer in the modern football, applied the formula 1-2-7. The individual dribbling skills was wide appreciated in English football in this period. A player having ball possession attacked the adversary goalposts and he either scored or was losing the ball.

The backup players recovered the ball, in case of possession losing, and they started again the dribbling toward the adversary goal.
In the same period the Scottish team applied the formula 2-2-6 having a more team based game where the ball passing was important. A second defense line was used by renouncing to an attacking player. At a first look this system appears to be more defensive but in fact it was superior compared with the English one.

The main feature of football tactics of 1880’s was the central midfielder as playmaker. This system offered space in play and variety. It was applied by Uruguay national football team in the World Championship in 1930.
The so called WM strategy is characterized by the changing of central midfielder in a defending midfielder in contradiction to the offensive midfielder. The defenders had to annihilate the opponent flanks. The defending midfielders faced to the right and left strikers carrying this way the fight in the middle of the field. In this tactic, the wings became the attack releaser.

In Hungary of 1950 we can find the system WW where the attack consisted in previous “WM” opening. A central penetrating striker was retired back as a central playmaker, allowing the inner strikers to force the advancement and better using the space. It is sometimes called 3-5-2 or 3-3-4 and it is considered as prototype of the next 4-2-4.

The system 4-2-4 is an attack based one. The Brazilian team applied it at the World Championship in 1958. They played on the sides and used the numeric superiority in attack phase based on the middle team or defenders’ contribution. The system was designed for scoring based on passing and speed advantage.

Catenaccio (1-4-3-2) introduced the “Libero” – the fifth defender in order to close the defending and to stop a potential opponent striker missed by the other 4 defenders.
The 4-4-2 system gives up the flanks and withdraws back one of the attack players. This tactic had in view a higher involving in play of defenders.
4-3-3 is a variant of the previous one where two strikers could support the central striker offering a higher mobility to the defending team to come in the midfield area and in attack.

The Total Football” applied by Netherlands in 1974 was based on physical shape, intelligent tactic and a group of talented football players. The force of this strategy consists in passes dynamics, marking and positions changing. This was ideal for Libero evolutions.
There are also other variants of 3-5-2: 5-3-2 or 4-5-1.
Analyzing the team tactic you can better understand its game and if you plan to place a bet on it, you can better make your predictions.